How to Get Started with Dr. Kushnick

Welcome to my therapy practice in NYC. Thank you for (virtually) dropping by. My goal as a psychologist is to make the transition into therapy as comfortable and convenient as possible for new clients. I know that the decision to pursue therapy can be stressful and anxiety-producing for many people. I am sensitive to the fact that when people contact a psychologist, they are at varying stage of readiness to begin therapy, and I am committed to gently guiding my clients toward a place of relief from emotional distress and an enhanced sense of well-being.I respect that many of us have extremely busy schedules that leave little time to press pause on the fast pace of living and focus on improving emotional health. I find that clients are looking for concrete strategies to walk away with from sessions. This is what I offer as a psychologist through my enhanced cognitive behavioral therapeutic approach (CBT).

I can be contacted by phone (917-566-7312) or email ( I have two therapy office locations in NYC, one in Chelsea and the other in the Financial District.

(Click on the addresses below to view a map or get directions. Both locations are highly accessible by most subway lines, ferries, and PATH trains.)

138 West 25th St.,
Suite 802-B4
New York, NY 10001

30 Broad St.,
Suite 1429,
New York, NY 10004

What to Expect in Therapy

You can expect that in the initial consultation, we will discuss what you believe is the general reason for seeking a psychologist, and we will identify beginning goals for your therapy. These goals represent a starting point to be revisited along the course of treatment. Initial goals do not need to reflect exactly how you expect to benefit from treatment with a psychologist. Some individuals have a difficult time in the first session putting into words what they hope to accomplish in psychotherapy. Often times, people gain a greater sense of what their goals are for treatment once they enter the flow of therapy and have a bit of time to think between sessions about the areas in which they struggle.

It is quite frequent that in the first session an individual will report a feeling such sadness or anxiety, and can identify the settings in which this feeling is experienced most often and with the greatest intensity. One can expect to be asked general questions about the presenting problem, recent events that may be contributing to emotional distress, aspects of one’s current support system, and any current or prior efforts to self-help. My goal is for you to leave the first session with a general understanding of my approach to treatment and a sense that we are collaborating to help you to relieve the psychological discomfort you are experiencing. You will get a sense of my style as a psychologist providing enhanced cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Contact Dr. Kushnick, Chelsea and Wall Street Psychologist, to learn more about enhanced CBT and the details involved in getting started in therapy.

Specific Directions to my NYC Therapy Offices

THERAPY NYC- My Chelsea practice is located at 138 West 25th Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. Ring my name “Kushnick” on the panel at the front entrance of the building. Take the elevator to the eighth floor and ring my name on the panel next to the door marked “802″. There is a general waiting area right when you walk inside. The office is accessible by bus and almost all subway lines that run through midtown or the West Side of Manhattan (C,E,N,R,W,F,V,1,2,3, and 6 subway lines). If you are coming from New Jersey, my Chelsea office is close to the 23rd Street PATH train station. Noteworthy establishments located within 1-2 blocks of my office are the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Whole Foods supermarket.

My office in the Wall Street/Financial District is also accessible via all trains and buses that extend downtown and pass to and from Brooklyn. Ferry service to and from New Jersey and Staten Island are nearby. The building is half a block south of the New York Stock Exchange. The cross street is Exchange Place. My office is on the 14th Floor. Please check in with the receptionist when you arrive on the 14th Floor, unless we have arranged otherwise.

Psychotherapy Services Offered by Dr. Kushnick Therapy NYC
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Dr. Gregory Kushnick offers a unique cognitive behavioral therapy experience.